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About This Project

LDA Audio Tech’s EN 54 public address and voice evacuation systems have been integrated into the centralized control system with remote security management implemented by Banco Sabadell for its headquarters in Spain.

The project is a delocalized multi-site system that connects six offices in different locations in Alicante, Barcelona, Oviedo, and Madrid.

These buildings are managed from a main control center in Sant Cugat and an alternative control center in Alicante.

The provided LDA Audio Tech system is as follows:

The entire system is managed by DESICO’s Vigiplus® security suite and communications are handled by DLL through NEO event management.

For its installation, the application was certified following Banco Sabadell’s protocols on access and software implementation.

One of the key challenges of this project was the transmission of audio from the control stations to the other locations, as there was no dedicated network to allow direct connection between the systems.

The solution developed by LDA Audio Tech’s Systems and Projects team consisted of implementing streaming audio through IP converters that allowed layer 3 audio to be sent.

Another handicap was the requirement for each building to keep its own amplification system so that only the central evacuation control would be renewed. This meant that the new systems had to be integrated with those implemented in each building over the last decades, of different types and complexity regarding the activation level, impedance adjustment, and other technical parameters.