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6” Ceiling Speaker of 6W@100V.
6" ceiling speaker with high sensitivity.
IP55 Anti-vandal cylindrical sound projector of 20W@100V
EN 54-24 ceiling loudspeaker of 6W @100V
EN 54-24 wall-mount speaker of 6W
IP66 Horn speaker of 30W @100V
IP 54 2-way 5"+1" loudspeaker of 30W @100V
2-way 8''+1/2'' ceiling speaker of 40W @100V
2-way 4''+1'' ceiling loudspeaker of 20W @100V
EN 54-24 certified Horn Speaker
EN 54-24 bi-directional proyection loudspeaker of 20W@100V
EN 54-24 anti-vandal cylindrical sound projector of 20W@100V
EN 54-24 coaxial speaker of 24W@100V
EN 54-24 outdoor column loudspeaker of 40W @100V
5''full-range surface speaker of 6W @100V.
Spherical 5" full-range speaker with wide coverage and uniform sound
8" Ceiling Subwoofer of 60W @100V
Invisible in-wall or ceiling speaker.
IP54 8 x 2,5" Column speaker of 40W @100V
6 x 2,5" Column speaker of 30W @100V
3" Ceiling speaker of 6W@100V
EN 54-24 high-performance 20W voice alarm column loudspeaker
High performance speaker of 2x2'' woofers + 0,5” tweeter, black colour.