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About LDA


We focus on creating innovative audio solutions and we are experts in PA/VA systems.

LDA Audio Tech is a Spanish manufacturer of high quality PA/VA audio solutions. With more than 35 years’ experience, the technology developed in the European Union by our R&D team (half of our staff) has provided advanced and certified audio solutions to meet the needs of our clients all over the world.


We focus on the design of PA/VA solutions. Thanks to our vast experience and know-how in the sector, we have created very cost-effective and innovative systems. In specific projects, we can design the solution that better fulfils the requirements.

We are experts in PA/VA

We have many years of professional experience in a wide variety of PA/VA projects.

PA/VA Consultancy

We design complete PA/VA systems according to the specifications of any project. We optimize the proposals and offer the most cost-effective solution no matter the complexity of the project.

Strong Warranty

LDA systems are manufactured according to very high quality standards, we have independent certifications issued by European Certified Bodies, LDA complies with ISO 9001 and we have periodical factory external audits.

State-of-the-art PA/VA technology

We are committed to innovation and focus on the creation of high-performance, robust and highly profitable products.

Open technology

LDA systems use open protocols and open standards in order to provide a high level of flexibility.

Additional services

We offer all types of services to achieve the objectives of the project:

  • In-factory commissioning
  • On-site commissioning
  • Customized software modifications
  • Acoustic studies in EASE
  • Acoustic studies on site


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