About LDA


We generate technological solutions for safer and more comfortable spaces

LDA Audio Tech is one of the world’s leading providers of voice alarm systems and active protection in buildings. With more than 40 years of experience, a young team and its own R+D+i department, at LDA Audio Tech we design, develop and manufacture audio systems that are easily integrated into all types of venues and offer all the guarantees of safety and quality certified according to the main international standards.

We have a mission:

To provide effective sound and security systems that protect people and generate long-term value for users, customers, suppliers, workers, and shareholders in a sustainable way, complying with legal requirements and committed to continuous improvement.

LDA Audio Tech headquarters

How we do it:

For the users

Helping them achieve their security and business goals

For customers

Providing them with reliable and innovative products together with the right support to achieve their goals on time

For suppliers

Collaborating closely in joint development and improvement, establishing long-term relationships

For the workers

Training and growing our people, who are the essence of LDA

For shareholders

Generating value through heritage and a legacy to transmit and preserve between generations

For the environment

Being responsible with the use and conservation of resources and society


We focus on the design and manufacture of PA/VA systems. Thanks to our experience and know-how in the sector, we have created very cost-effective and innovative products at the forefront of high-end technology to guarantee safety in emergency situations.

We manufacture and innovate

We apply the industry-leading AV standards (AES67 – Audio over Ethernet – Dante®) to public address and voice evacuation systems and elevate them to the category of security systems.

Open Technology

Our technology combines with third-party systems through different interfaces (.DLL libraries, serial port, modbus and IP connectivity) and offers maximum efficiency with an excellent value for money.

Strong Warranty

LDA systems are manufactured according to very high quality standards, we have independent certifications issued by European Certified Bodies, LDA complies with ISO 9001 and we have periodical factory external audits.


We train our sales channel to use our systems through technical knowledge of the EN54 standard, commissioning, acoustic engineering, regulatory audits and systems consultancy.


We work along with our partners to create the best marketing joint strategies, through promotional materials, participation in trade shows, offline and online marketing, seminars and PR.

Sales and After Sales

We provide end-to-end support throughout the entire prescription, sales and distribution process, with advice, logistics, suppliers, support throughout the product life cycle, custom tools and technical documentation.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Learn more about our sustainable practices.


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