Public address and voice alarm systems for convention centers

At LDA we are experts in public address and voice evacuation systems for convention centers. That’s why we can help you create the most competitive solution that best suits your needs.

The clearest sound for successful events

Large event venues require high quality audio components throughout the whole installation, from microphones to loudspeakers. The event’s success depends on a system that allows an intelligent control in the distribution of the sound, through filters, equalizers and dynamic modules.

It’s a given that people act faster when they hear a human voice telling them what to do or how to proceed, especially in case of emergency.

LDA Audio Tech’s public address and voice alarm systems certified according to EN 54 and EN 60849 provide intuitive user management and are easily integrated with existing third-party technologies at convention centers.

LDA Audio Tech offers:

  • Design of customised acoustic solutions with LDA and Renkus-Heinz components.
  • Possibility of using low impedance NEO Extension (NEO4250LE) to amplify sound reinforcement system.
  • Integration with third-party sound reinforcement systems.
  • Integration with AV systems.

Contact us and we will help you design the best PA/VA solution for your convention centre project.