Analogic-Digital Ethernet Converter ZES-22 (for NEO systems only)

The digital audio processor ZES-22 is a Digital Audio Matrix that offers advanced features for any type of audio installation.

The ZES-22 is a piece of flexible equipment with 4 balanced audio ports that can be configured as inputs or outputs according to the needs of the installation: (2×2), (4×0) or (0x4). The ZES-22 has digital audio input by Ethernet including a redundant Ethernet interface, which offers the possibility to design distributed audio systems. This digital audio matrix allows optical fibre adapters for sending and receiving data over large distances.

The ZES-22 has an integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and offers parametric equalization, filters, compressor, level control, etc.

The ZES-22 is ideal for networked emergency purposes and only occupies ½ rack unit of width. It offers the possibility to unite two ZES-22 in order to have double functionality and occupy just 1 rack unit of width.

Main Features
  • Local audio Matrix of 2×2 I/O (optional configuration in factory)
  • Audio over Ethernet.
  • High-performance DSP
  • Analogical step of gain. They are eligible for each channel in order to improve the signal/noise ratio.
  • Remote and local configuration.
  • Remote and local supervision.
  • Graphic interface for remote configuration. Easy operation (GUI).
  • Supply by PHANTOM to microphones.
Datasheet, manual, certificates and other technical documents
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