Sustainability and social responsibility

Our Sustainable Commitment

At LDA Audio Tech we understand that commitment to sustainability goes beyond technical excellence.

We adopt the ESG (environment, society and corporate governance) approach proposed by the United Nations to integrate all key aspects of corporate social responsibility into our strategy.

Find out how we meet the expectations of our users, customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders through sustainability.

LDA Quality

Excellence As a Goal

We always strive to go one step further and to be excellent in everything we do. This is how we build our company philosophy and bring it to life through a quality management system that operates transversally in all layers of our organization.

This system is a valuable tool to ensure that our processes, products and services are continuously improved. It helps us to adapt quickly to any change and to pivot towards the necessary innovation to be leaders. We live in a context where disruptive technologies prevail, and we know how to take advantage of them to keep leading the way in our industry.

The quality of our processes, products and services is accredited by certifications based on international standards such as EN 54, ISO 9001, CE, EAC and APF Fire Safety. In addition, we are audited by Ecovadis according to 21 sustainability criteria relating to the environment, labor practices, ethics, and sustainable procurement. We also have our own whistleblower channel to report any irregularities in our code of ethics.

We carefully select our external suppliers, conduct audits, and require a commitment from them to ensure that they comply with strict regulations regarding fair labor conditions, sustainable environmental actions, including fair trade and responsible sourcing of minerals, and respect for human rights.

Towards Self-Consumption

We produce 90% of the energy we consume at our factory and headquarters in Malaga (Spain).

We have a photovoltaic installation consisting of more than 100 solar panels with a surface area of approximately 500 square meters. Thanks to it, we can produce about 90,000 kWh per year and reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

The rest of the energy we need to operate comes from renewable sources through an external supplier.

Our facilities operate with LED lighting, which reduces daily energy costs by up to 50 %.

LDA Green Energy
LDA Plastic Free

Zero Waste Policy

We manufacture our products without using materials that are hazardous to health and the environment and avoid generating unnecessary waste.

Our factory no longer uses plastic, which we have replaced with paper materials in all our packaging. We have redesigned them to reduce their size by 25 % and their weight by 15 %, and we only use biodegradable materials, free of toxic substances and 100 % recyclable.

We are also progressively replacing printed product documentation with a digital version, available for download on our Support website. Together with the reduction of paper use in internal processes and the promotion of digital tools, we save 2.5 tons of paper each year and all the associated energy, printing consumables and logistics.

We are RoHs (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certified for our products and comply with the Eco RAEE canon and the international WEEE rate that guarantee the recycling process and environmental management of electronic waste.

In our day-to-day operations we have eliminated the use of disposable cups and bottles, and we use water fountains, cups and glass bottles for all the company’s personnel.

Goodbye, Obsolescence. Hello, Efficiency.

Our products are durable, and we encourage product upgrades through our Customer Care and Support department.

We fight obsolescence by creating reliable, fail-safe products. Our design process is scrupulous in terms of hardware, firmware and software to ensure maximum longevity of our systems, enabling backward compatibility in new developments.

We provide our partners and customers with the necessary tools and support to keep our products up to date and running in optimal conditions from the moment they leave our factory and throughout their life cycle.

Our systems are also energy efficient: they offer high performance with minimum consumption and low cooling requirements.

LDA Reliability
LDA People

Our People, Our Driving Force

People are at the center of our brand. We take care of our team to generate technological solutions that improve other people’s lives and make them safer.

We believe in individual responsibility and professional growth. We work in a flexible environment that favors well-being, conciliation and balance, with telecommuting policies and adaptable working hours. We are a young, diverse and multicultural team.

Our internal communication channels encourage the exchange of ideas and attention to the specific needs of each person, as well as fostering individual initiative, participation in internal processes and alignment with the company’s objectives.

In a safe and comfortable work environment, we have ongoing training and development programs in different areas of knowledge so that our people evolve to achieve the professional goals they have set for themselves.

We Keep Training and Learning

We believe in talent as the main focus of personal and professional growth. That is why we actively collaborate with universities and educational institutions in the implementation of specialized programs in vocational training, engineering and STEM studies.

We seek to attract the best qualified professionals and add them to our company culture based on teamwork, self-improvement, curiosity and constant research. To achieve this, we participate in international training programs, scholarships and internships, which are the springboard to continue incorporating excellent talent in all our markets.

We have an in-house learning department to meet the needs of our team and our external partners. We have developed an internal training program that covers all relevant aspects of our processes, products and organization. Likewise, we also offer specialized training to our distributors, partners and external collaborators.

LDA Learning

kWh/year produced with our solar panels


kg of paper saved per year


kg of CO2 we stop emitting annually