Announcing NEO+ with AES67, redundant controller, new processor and EVAC platforms

NEO+ The evolution - New products 2024

Announcing NEO+ with AES67, redundant controller, new processor and EVAC platforms

LDA Audio Tech announces the launch of the NEO+ public address and voice evacuation system, the evolution of the NEO range that includes AES67 level 3 digital technology, a new more powerful and robust processor, redundant hot backup controller functionality, and the ability to connect up to 32 microphones or evacuation panels directly (ACSI v2), and all this while maintaining the EN 54-16 certification.

Up to 128 NEXO devices can be networked in the NEO+ system (inside or outside its network ring). These NEXO devices allow AES67 audio sources to be added to the system and also have an ACSI v2 port to add up to 32 additional devices per NEXO unit, either MPS-8Z, MPS-8Z+, VAP-1 or VAP1-FES.

The ACSI Net protocol allows up to 4096 (32 x 128) ACSI v2 devices (MPS-8Z, MPS-8Z+, VAP-1, VAP1-FES) to be connected to a NEO+ system. Each NEXO unit will add up to 32 devices to the same ACSI Net group, making up to 4096 units that are configured in the NEO+ ACSI device profiles (32 profiles). In a NEO+ system the ACSI Net protocol allows to talk to 16 units simultaneously, 1 for each NEXO unit (since it is connected to a single ACSI v2 bus).

NEO+ is accompanied by another significant innovation: EVAC Control and EVAC Cloud platforms to control and monitor all the system’s components from a desktop application, both locally and remotely.

New accessories also enter the catalog to complete the range, expand its functionalities and improve its connectivity and integration capacity with third-party systems through IP networks.

NEO+ Series

NEO+ marks the evolution of the NEO range, a mature product that now goes into a new development phase, adapting to the market’s needs.

The LDA NEO series was born in 2016 and during these years it has been in constant improvement to make it more and more robust and flexible. Now it goes a step further by offering new installation and integration possibilities while maintaining EN 54-16 certification and the same plug-and-play concept.

NEO+ incorporates a new communications module based on AES67 technology for digital audio transmission over layer 3 networks. This protocol allows interoperability between different audio over IP based systems, as well as being an open standard that can be used without relying on more expensive proprietary technologies.

NEO+ also introduces the Dante-16 device, which ensures full compatibility in the reception of Dante® sources. The AES67 protocol allows the design of systems that require less bandwidth, fully monitored to detect any incident, and easily integrated with other security, audio and video devices operating on the same network.

In loop mode, the NEO+ system allows the simultaneous use of 8 AES67 channels dedicated to the main controller audio sources (for EVAC and ALERT messages, PTT frontal microphone and 5 BGM sources) and, in addition, 56 AES67 channels for BGM and ACSI v2 devices (MPS-8Z, MPS-8Z+, VAP-1, VAP1-FES) through ACSI Net protocol.

NEO+ can manage multiple alarm zones easily and intuitively. As a single controller it can handle 1024 zones, and can work without zone limitation when in multi-controller mode.

Through a IP loop connection, the NEO+ main controller transmits digital audio and control signals to each of the system’s areas. NEO+ automatically recognizes all the connected NEO+ Extension units and expands the zones according to the desired configuration in each installation.

NEO+ also has a new, more modern, robust and powerful internal processor. It is the core of the main unit that manages all the functionalities of the public address and voice evacuation system with the highest security of EN 54-16 certification.

With the new range also comes the redundant controller functionality that allows backing up the core of the NEO+ system and shielding it against any type of failure or incident in the installation.

This allows two NEO-8060+ main controllers to be connected in a ring so that one is the main unit and the other is the backup unit. If the backup unit loses communication with the main unit, it will take over and connect to the other NEO+ Extension units in the ring, allowing the public address and voice evacuation system to continue operating normally.

This would be the topology of the ring system:

• Number of NEXO + NEO Extension + 2 NEO-8060+ units ≤ 128 on ring
• Each NEXO uses up to 2 AES67 channels
• All four ACSI v2 devices (MPS-8Z, MPS-8Z+, VAP-1, VAP1-FES) and analog audio sources inside the ring can be connected to NEXO. Outside the ring, NEXO should be used only for MPS-8Z and MPS-8Z+ devices and analog audio sources

NEO+ comes with an enhanced look and feel that includes a new icon-based front end to improve usability and accessibility by removing text, as well as a display that incorporates a dark mode on the control screen.

EVAC platforms

To make it even easier to manage the NEO+ systems, LDA Audio Tech has developed EVAC platforms that allow you to manage all the system’s devices locally and remotely.

EVAC Control is the platform for managing and monitoring local NEO+ and NEO systems, both single-site and multi-site, using an eCore device manufactured by LDA.

EVAC Cloud enables EN 54 remote monitoring and connection for alarm management in NEO+ and NEO systems. It offers secure remote access for advanced configuration functions, through NEO Configurator and also using an eCore device.

Both platforms offer the possibility to purchase add-on licenses for remote and multi-site control of NEO+ systems.

New NEO+ accessories

To provide the NEO+ system with all its functionalities, LDA Audio Tech is also launching new accessories:

AES67 Converter NEXO

AES67 & ACSI Net processor NEXO 

Networked AES67 audio converter and ACSI Net processor to expand ACSI v2 devices up to 4096 units (microphones and emergency panels) and networked while maintaining EN 54 certification.

LDA Dante-16

Dante-AES67 converter

Can convert up to 16 channels of digital audio.


Direct Link integration interface

For integrating fire detection systems and NEO+ and NEO systems allowing native communication of alarms and emergency management.

EN 54 Network devices

EN 54 network devices

Switch and media converter for configuring IP communication networks between EN 54 devices according to certified standards.

Microphone and keyboard extension MPS-8Z+

MPS-8Z+ microphone

With MPS-8K+ expansion keyboard, it features version 2 of the ACSI protocol for connecting up to 32 devices on one bus, and new functionalities such as store and forward and zonal busy indicator.

Fire brigade control panel VAP1-FES

VAP1-FES emergency panel

With expansion keypads, an EN 54 voice evacuation panel incorporating advanced functionality and zone status monitoring via ACSI v2 protocol.

NEO+ is the result of several years of work by LDA Audio Tech’s R&D team in audio transmission over Ethernet. With these new features, the system hits the market as a robust, reliable, flexible and secure product that can meet the demands of large EN 54 public address, background music and voice alarm installations.

LDA will take advantage of its presence at the major trade fairs Intersec Dubai, ISE Barcelona and SICUR Madrid to present these innovations at its booths.