AES67 and ACSI Net Converter NEXO

AES67 Converter NEXO

NEXO is an AES67 network audio converter that allows sending and receiving 2 channels of audio over IP networks at level 3.


This device has two bidirectional ACSI ports, one of them with redundant capacity, allowing the connection of up to 32 additional devices per unit through the ACSI v2 protocol, compatible with any LDA system, such as NEO+.


Ethernet communication is via LDA ACSI Net protocol. This enables NEXO to expand ACSI v2 devices up to 4096 units, such as microphones and emergency panels, by networking them, while maintaining EN 54 certification.


With a compact and versatile design, NEXO is perfectly suited for rack or desktop installations.

Main Features
  • AES67 high quality IP audio transmission and reception, 48Khz 1ms.
  • ACSI v2 protocol with the ability to connect up to 32 devices on the bus.
  • Integrated DSP 2×2 audio channels.
  • ACSI Net audio channel encryption.
  • System status LED indicators (Power, Fault, Failure and Emergency).
  • Compatible with all LDA Systems.
  • Available for sale from June 2024.
Datasheet, manual, certificates and other technical documents
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