Kigali International Airport

About This Project

As a key strategic location in East Africa, the Kigali International Airport is also known as Kanombe International Airport and it is the main airport in Rwanda, as well as an air gateway for all the country. It also serves as a transit airport for the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

This airport has renewed the entire public address and voice alarm system to offer a better service and more safety to the passengers. With this goal, it has installed EN 54 certified systems made by LDA Audio Tech:

  • NEO centralized system, with NEO-8060 and NEO Extension 8250, to manage the installation and allow a phased evacuation in case of emergency.
  • MPS-8Z paging stations with MPS-8K expansion units that can be monitored and configured remotely with auto-lock and voice recording, events with system’s functions such as pre-recorded messages and presets.
  • ZES-22 digital audio matrix with advanced features: high-quality audio over Ethernet transmission, DSP and four balanced audio ports for different configurations (2×2, 1×3, 3×1, etc.).
  • VAP-1 voice alarm panels to control NEO PA/VA system from different locations, sending EVAC+ALERT live and pre-recorded messages for different evacuation zones.
  • NEO Control software, an auto-install application without a database to easily control and manage the installed NEO system.
  • EQ-241994 batteries with 120 AH @ 12 V, highly reliable for emergency and fire protection systems, with more than 500 charge/discharge cycles and 10 years service life.
  • EQ-241977 battery chargers EN 54-4 compliant and 3600 W of maximum power, for lead-acid batteries and 6 outputs.
  • RACK-22ALT multipurpose cabinets, with four 19” moveable profiles, accessible side panels and a glass front door.

All this equipment has been completed with commissioning, configuration and on-site staff training, as well as consulting and follow-up services from the LDA Audio Tech Support department.