Public warning system in Sangüesa/Zangoza



About This Project

The town of Sangüesa/Zangoza has installed a public address and voice evacuation system for all its inhabitants, which will be used to warn the population in the event of emergencies and severe weather phenomena. Both the equipment installed and the control systems are manufactured by LDA Audio Tech and comply with EN54 standards.

Sangüesa/Zangoza is a small municipality of 5,000 inhabitants located in Navarra, northern Spain. The aim of this project was to provide the town with an effective warning system as part of its evacuation plan, to be able to transmit messages to all the inhabitants quickly and efficiently.

The architecture of the system is multi-site and works with only a few devices. Several racks have been installed in key locations such as the town hall and the fire station. Each rack is equipped with a NEO-8060 controller with chargers and batteries for emergency power.

The central control rack also has two amplifier extensions and a ZES-22 matrix for global source control.

Evacuation management is carried out with SIME Control, software that manages communication between racks and the system’s global sources. At the network level, two separate control and audio VLANs were created to connect the systems to the physical network infrastructure of the village.

The challenges of this project focused on getting the communication between the racks right, confirming the proper installation of the lines and fine-tuning the commissioning so that the functionality of the system is always as expected.

Despite serving an entire town, the efficiency and performance of the LDA systems made it possible for this entire installation to operate with a compact format infrastructure, compared to other large public address projects such as shopping malls or airports.

(Image: Jialxv / CC0 BY-SA 4.0)