LDA provides training in Italy about EN 54 public address systems

EN 54 public address training

LDA provides training in Italy about EN 54 public address systems

The international standard EN 54 for public address and voice evacuation systems focused the specialized training delivered by LDA Audio Tech to the sales team of Audiosales, the official distributor of LDA products in Italy.

Pedro Martos, LDA International Sales Engineer, was in charge of giving this seminar where he specifically addressed the incipient need to provide certified systems for fixed installations in Italy.

The security and effectiveness offered by the EN 54 certified public address and voice alarm systems are the main assets to boost sales penetration in the Italian market, which increasingly asks for this type of solution.

In addition to the commercial aspect, Audiosales Engineering and Support Department got also technical training about these topics.

LDA Audio Tech’s official distributor of in Italy, Audiosales covers 90% of the regions of this country. With more than 20 years of experience in the professional audio sector, they offer a careful selection of products, technical and after-sales consulting services and continuous training. The company works in all kinds of facilities: sports centers, convention centers, places of worship, shopping centers, theatres and auditoriums, among others.

LDA Audio Tech can offer through this sales channel all its EN 54-certified advanced solutions for public address and voice evacuation, such as the NEO system for medium and large format or the new ONE for basic installations.

If you want more information about our range of products or how to become our official distributor, send us an email or call us and we will get down to work with you as soon as possible.