Maraya Mirror Building

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About This Project

Maraya is the largest mirrored building in the world and is located in the Al-Ula desert in Saudi Arabia.

Its public address and voice evacuation installation is equipped with systems manufactured by LDA Audio Tech.

In this project, the NEO main controller, certified according to the EN 54-16 standard, is supported by NEO Extension 8250 units and MPS-8Z microphones with MPS-8K keyboard extensions. This allows the broadcast of pre-recorded messages and also real-time announcements, both for public address and background music as well as for emergency situations in case of an evacuation.

Maraya is also equipped with 170 speakers made by LDA Audio Tech. They are ceiling, acoustic boxes and wall-mounted models, distributed throughout the venue to ensure good acoustics in all kinds of situations.

The Maraya building is part of the AlUla historical, cultural and leisure complex, located in the northwest of the Saudi kingdom. It is certified by Guinness World Records as the world’s largest mirrored building covering 9,740 square meters of reflective surface.

It has a capacity for more than 500 people and not only works as a concert hall but also as a suitable venue to host large events: conferences, congresses, international meetings, etc. It also has large exhibition areas, bars and an haute cuisine restaurant on the terrace.

(Images: AlUla / Google Maps)