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Deichmann is a German company specializing in footwear and sportswear retailing. It operates in more than 30 countries with 4,500 stores located in shopping malls and urban areas.

In Italy, up to 15 of its stores are equipped with public address and voice evacuation systems manufactured by LDA Audio Tech. Specifically, the stores are equipped with ONE-500 units and MPS-8Z paging microphones.

This configuration makes it possible to broadcast routine public address messages, background music and voice evacuation warnings in emergency situations. With a compact design for both wall and rack mounting and ease of use, the ONE system can also be integrated with the security systems of large shopping malls.

Multiple ONE units can be connected in loop mode to configure a multi-zone public address and voice alarm system via a proprietary UTP wired ring and the ONE-LOOP communication module.

(Image: JiriMatejicek / CC0 BY-SA 3.0)