Caja Mágica – Tennis Stadium



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About This Project

The Caja Mágica Sports Center is the main venue of the Madrid Open-Masters 1000 Tennis Competition. The pavilion consists of a central track surrounded by three levels of rows of folding seats, plus passageways, stairs and other facilities on the perimeter.

The LDA system is designed to support the matrix flow of audio signals between sources and destinations to provide high quality audio in each zone.

By using a multi-tasking panel and the user-friendly SIME software, it allows the operator to route or direct the message coming from either the microphones or the players in the required area.

The complete system consists of two partially centralised LDA subsystems, each of which is in a separate rack placed in different locations around the venue.

The system uses a CD and MP3 multiplayer, two desk microphones and a wireless microphone together with a processor microphone. The system is easily scalable and the number of sources can be increased at any time. Since the LDA STV amplifiers have DSP, they can be adapted to the acoustic needs required throughout the area.