Caja Mágica Stadium


2008, 2021

Über dieses Projekt

The Caja Mágica is a multi-use stadium located in Madrid that hosts numerous international events, including the Mutua Madrid Open Masters tennis tournament.

The LDA’s public address and voice alarm system of the venue is multi-island and compatible with the no-single-point-of-failure (SPOF) principle, 100% redundant to guarantee its performance in case of failure of any of its components.

The venue includes two indoor spaces, the Caja Mágica itself and the Tennis Indoor annexe, complemented by outdoor and indoor tennis and padel courts. In addition, there are common areas such as a restaurant hall, corridors, offices and access areas. In total, it has a surface area of 83,000 m2 and a capacity for more than 17,000 people.

At the Caja Mágica, 5 public address and voice evacuation areas are managed simultaneously: 3 for the stadiums, with duplicated and redundant control systems, and another 2 for the circulation area (outside the Caja Mágica) and for the Tenis Indoor building.

The whole system has two partially centralised LDA subsystems, each of which is in a separate rack placed in different locations around the venue.

By using a multi-tasking panel and the user-friendly SIME software, it allows the operator to route or direct the message coming from either the microphones or the players in the required area.