LDA speakers in different colors without losing EN 54-24 certification

LDA EN 54-24 certified speakers, color custom

LDA speakers in different colors without losing EN 54-24 certification

LDA Audio Tech’s EN 54-24 certified loudspeakers can be customized in a wide range of RAL colors to blend in with the architectural design of the space where they are installed while maintaining EN 54-24 certification.

Our models thus adapt to the requirements of any public address and voice evacuation installation, not only technically but also aesthetically.

Safety is our top priority and that’s why all our speakers are certified under the international standard EN 54-24, which guarantees an optimum quality level for these essential components of fire alarm systems.

This certification is endorsed by the Applus+ notified body and also includes the possibility of customizing any of our models in different colors from the RAL Classic palette.

Customize while maintaining EN 54-24 certification

It should be noted that if an LDA loudspeaker is painted by any other means, on site or during installation, it will lose its certification. This is why we offer this additional service that can be used to meet the specific requirements of some tenders or projects.

LDA Audio Tech uses a polyurethane-based liquid paint that has been rigorously tested in the laboratory. This coating not only adds an aesthetic touch to the speakers but is also moisture-resistant. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for both indoor and outdoor loudspeakers.

Our public address and voice alarm systems are found in venues in more than 60 countries worldwide, from airports to convention centers, hotels, hospitals, corporate buildings, shopping malls, train and subway networks, and more.

Each of these spaces is unique and aesthetics is an important factor in this type of project. That is why we offer our customers the RAL Classic color range that includes 216 samples to paint any of our loudspeaker models. From vibrant hues to elegant neutrals, you can choose the color that best suits the décor of your environment.

Adding style to functionality

Customization is available starting from a single unit: the customer simply chooses the desired color and lets us take care of the rest. Our team of experts will ensure that each speaker is painted with precision and care, maintaining quality and EN 54-24 certification on each unit.

We at LDA Audio Tech are committed to providing advanced public address and voice alarm solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Our custom speakers, EN54-24 certified and painted in your choice of RAL colors, are proof of this commitment to quality and innovation.

Contact us today to learn more and add a touch of style to any project or installation.