LDA Audio Tech joins the EASE 5 software Early Adopter Program

LDA Audio Tech joins the EASE 5 software Early Adopter Program

LDA Audio Tech will feed in its experience and knowledge in the testing and improvement of version 5 of the EASE software, the main AV industry standard for simulation of venue acoustics, after joining its exclusive Early Adopter Program.

As a member of the program, LDA Audio Tech will participate in official product forums, development surveys, and launch of new features aimed at polishing EASE 5 software in its final testing stage.

The EASE 5 Early Adopter Program is made up of professional EASE 4 users who will now assist in the development and improvement of this software by suggesting new functionalities, updates and advanced features.

In addition to bringing their technical knowledge from decades of experience as designers and manufacturers of public address and voice evacuation systems, LDA Audio Tech project engineers benefit from the exchange of ideas and synergies with other international manufacturers, integrators and consultants who also are in the program.

Likewise, participating in the EASE 5 Early Bird Program allows the LDA team to be up-to-date with the latest software updates and to be the first to use its new features, that later can be applied in projects with international clients.

LDA Audio Tech has recently added its EN 54-24 certified speakers to the EASE library, through .GLL files that can work in both EASE and EASE EVAC.

EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers), developed by the German company AFMG, has been leading the market for years as reference software for engineers and consultants thanks to its functionalities, which allow realistically modeling and simulating all types of venues to perform accurate acoustic studies.

EASE models are used to recreate the real acoustics of any space and are the best way to explore all options for audio system design, calculating electro-acoustic requirements and helping to solve problems that may arise in any installation.

Version 5 of the software provides more intuitive workflows, streamlines the design process for sound reinforcement systems, and facilitates the management of acoustic parameters and materials. New features include a state-of-the-art rendering engine, new drawing tools, improved volume calculations, and advanced speaker settings.

LDA Audio Tech carries out custom and on-site acoustic studies adapted to each installation. Using EASE, the project team draws up an improvement proposal that is based on acoustic measurements taken on-site, assessing the necessary insulation, associated noise levels and possible corrective measures to ensure the effectiveness of the system, reaching the intelligibility objectives.