The new certified EN54-24 speakers are now included in the EASE library

The new certified EN54-24 speakers are now included in the EASE library

Innovation, the latest technology and continuous progress to satisfy all of our clients’ needs make up LDA Audio Tech’s identity. For that reason, our product catalogue adapts and changes constantly, because we think that solutions are within everyone’s reach and we have them.

Today we announce the new EASE models (.GLL files) from the new LDA speakers are available in the following references from our catalogue:
The new libraries can work in EASE as well as EASE EVAC.

But, what are EASE and EASE EVAC?
EASE (Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers) is a simulation software from the well known German firm, AFMG. It’s specifically created for design and architectural space acoustic simulation. It’s made up of different modules, through which it’s possible to design a new space as well as organize an existing one and process the most complex calculations utilized today in room acoustics, all of it through our speakers.

Among EASE’s features we can highlight that this software contains the full package for room modelling and simulation, as well as electroacoustic system design used in interiors.

It also allows for the creation of an audience zone completely adjusted to the user’s necessities. In this space parameters can be changed geometrically like angulation, distance or public placement with audience area levels.

On the other hand, EASE EVAC allows for fast acoustic system design for evacuation including EASE’s most relevant aspects, but with a simpler and
more intuitive UI.

It’s possible to add different speaker systems and make adjustments to height, angle, frequency filters…

And all of it can be found in our speakers, which, by the way, are EN54-24 certified, which is mandatory in the EU and ensures a level of confidence and excellence in all the alarm service components.

Furthermore, LDA models are the most cost effective choice for public address and evacuation by voice systems in the world.

Their main strengths are their reliability, high material and acoustic quality, and an excellent price to effectiveness performance.