LDA ONE integration with VIGIPLUS by DESICO

LDA ONE integration with VIGIPLUS by DESICO

LDA ONE, the most compact and cost effective PAVA system in the market, goes one step further to solve Voice Alarm and Public Address projects thanks to integration through MODBUS RTU RS485, which offers us the possibility to control and supervise the most important functions, such as system monitoring and emergency message management.

VIGIPLUS is a suite of apps created by the specialized in engineering services company, DESICO. The main module is a SCADA software (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) designed for security system integration, such as intrusion, fire, CCTV, access, etc.

To create a connection between VIGIPLUS and ONE we have used DESICO´s I2004a converter, an equipment which solves control necessities, either by a direct link to UDP or through digital inputs and outputs.

This converter is equipped with a complete RS-232 serial port capable of communicating with remote systems through TCP/IP in a transparent way. It has three normally open inputs and two relay outputs with insulated contacts adequate for technical signal connections.

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