What is a voice alarm system?

Sistemas de alarma por voz

What is a voice alarm system?

The main objective of alarm systems is to save lives by warning in time about a dangerous situation. But not all of them are equally effective, since a conventional alarm only sends out a generic signal without specific information, something that do provide alarm or voice evacuation systems.

A standard fire detection system in a building or establishment uses alarms with acoustic indications or sirens. In this case, the people who are there must know what the signal means and be prepared to act in a certain way, by means of drills or previous training.

If people do not know the signal, and even if they know it, may be blocked or confused in case of emergency. This can cause additional hazards due to agglomerations, too slow reaction times or disorganized evacuations.

In these cases, it is more efficient to use a safety and emergency public address equipment based on voice alarm systems, which will be complemented by visual alarm devices when the acoustic level exceeds certain noise thresholds.

A voice alarm system is an alarm system that uses voice messages stored electronically or issued directly by a supervisor to issue an alarm in an emergency. The messages can be accompanied by other acoustic signals.

The great advantage of public address and voice alarm systems is that users are not only alerted to the emergency, but also receive immediate information on the appropriate action they must take at that time to be safe.

This type of equipment can also be used as public address systems for other communication purposes, broadcast messages, background music or general announcements. But when they are security systems, in case of emergency the voice alarm will always have priority.

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Both the NEO system and the new ONE system allow phased evacuation in all types of venues, adapting easily to any space and integrating with third-party technologies to ensure maximum safety in all kinds of situations.