New RIPCI seminars in Galicia

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New RIPCI seminars in Galicia

The College of Industrial Engineers of Galicia hosted two new training sessions on the new Facilities Regulations for Fire Protection (RIPCI) in which LDA Audio Tech participated as a speaker.

The seminars were held at the College’s venues in Vigo and A Coruña, and were attended by technical engineers interested in knowing more about the solutions given by the security products’ manufacturers to ensure compliance with all the requirements established by the new regulations.

Celia García, LDA Sales Manager, offered a detailed vision on the requirements that Spanish RIPCI establishes for public address and voice alarm systems.

In the case of LDA Audio Tech, these legal requirements are more than fulfilled, since their equipment and public address solutions are fully adapted to EN 54 and EN 60849 standards.

Along with LDA, other companies also contributed their specialized point of view on the Regulation. These are DETNOV for fire detection systems, SODECA for ventilation and smoke evacuation, and Grupo Prefire for fire protection and smoke control systems.

Fire protection systems

The LDA Audio Tech systems comply with the strictest international fire protection standards. Specifically, the new Spanish Regulation refers to UNE-EN 60849 and UNE-EN 54 for fire alarm systems and indicator equipment and loudspeakers.

Systems designed and manufactured by LDA comply with all these standards, both national and international, and therefore avoid conflicts between regulations due to the obsolescence of some of them.