File Types

Discontinued Devices - Handbooks
Microphone MCA-8N and ZES-22 network configuration
Table of interconnection of microphone and discontinued devices
System state and error messages on ZES-80
Equipment of the EP series
Handbook for the CC-1000 central control server
Quick guide for Control STV software
Discontinued Speakers - Datasheet
Datasheet LDA SC-95TN
Datasheet LDA PS-30TNS01
Datasheet LDA CI-225TN
Datasheet LDA CI-825TN
Datasheet LDA SC-32T
Datasheet CS-42T
Datasheet LDA CH-42T
Datasheet LDA SC-95T
Datasheet LDA DS-60T
Datasheet LDA LS-51T
Datasheet LDA PCM-20T
Datasheet LDA PS-30T
Datasheet LDA CI-625T
Datasheet LDA CI-825T
Datasheet LDA SF-25T
Datasheet LDA CI-207T
Datasheet LDA SW-100T
XC-80 Ceiling speakers
CI-225T Professional acoustic boxes
PCM-220T Anti-vandal acoustic boxes
PCM-20TXL Anti-vandal acoustic boxes
SC-85T Two-way ceiling speaker
DS-60TN Surface speaker 6W (EN54-24)
PCM-20TN Sound projector 20W (EN54-24)
TFL-1 EOL Device
CH-42TN Ceiling speaker 6W (EN54-24)
Discontinued Speakers - Manual
User’s Manual LDA SC-95TN
User’s Manual LDA CI-225TN
Discontinued Speakers - CE Declaration
CE Certificate SC-32T
CE Certificate LDA CS-42T
CE Certificate LDA CH-42T
CE Certificate LDA SF-25T
Discontinued Speakers - Images
Images LDA SC-32T
Images LDA CS-42T
Images LDA CH-42T
Images LDA CI-225TN
Discontinued Devices - Software
Control STV
Discontinued Devices - Datasheet
ASC-82N Emergency control systems
ISL-61N Audio line supervisor
MCA-1TN Ethernet paging Microphone
MCA-1X Desktop Microphone
MCA-8TN Multi-zone Ethernet Paging Microphone
MCA-8X Desktop Microphone
Serie STV Power Amplifier
Serie STX-6000 Power Amplifier
BA-2250 Amplifier 2x250W
BA-2500 Amplifier 2×500
ZES-80 Digital audio matrix