If the NEO master unit NEO8060 shows this error, it means the Flexnet connections between one or more NEO units are failing. This will make the backup connection to engage as long as this feature has not been deliberately disabled. To fix this error check the ethernet wiring between devices.

If you are connected via Wi-Fi with your PC to a network in which there are several NEO devices, you will not be able to see the complete list of devices connected to this network, but you will need to address each device individually via its own IP. This is because over Wi-Fi, broadcast packets are not active by default, so you can only connect in unicast mode. In order to see the complete list of devices, you will need to connect via cable to the same network and access them via “Discover Tool” window of the NEO configurator.

Check your current firmware versión is v02.28 or higher if not update your device to the latest FW version available.

If the error persists after upgrade contact with technical support service.

NEO amplifiers work at 100V, a speaker line with 100V provides 4x more power than a 50V line. Therefore, you just need to make sure that 50V speakers are tapped at 1/4 (or less) of their maximum power. Our recommendation is to simply verify the tapping of the existing speakers.

This is due to not taking into account several facts:

  • You must convert the audio with LDA Audio converter.
  • The USB stick must have the FAT32 file system.

For more detailed information on this problem click on the following Handbook :

A Watchdog error can occur when a device has been stored in the warehouse for a long time. You should restart the device several times to clear the error.

This error corresponds to the lid being open. The lid must be closed and the sensor screw tightened.

By default the attenuators are not activated with a 24V switching input for the MPS-8Z but you have the option to enable it. You can enable it by accessing the root menu following these steps:

  • Configuration/ACSI Devices/Install (add MPS8Z)
  • Configuration/ACSI Devices/ Mics Config/ Select ACSI/ Override (enable or disable the option to activate the 24V input in the override when calling the particular zone with the MPS8Z).

For the VAP-1 it is not necessary to enable any special configuration, the device is configured by default.

Because  the devices are not registered on the NEOc project, for more information see the following Handbook.

This is because the link with some of the auxiliary devices conected to the NEO input call “mic remote” were lost.

To solve it, you should verify the correct conection of the auxiliary devices on the input “mic remote” of NEO. It is recomended to use a direct UTP cable (pin to pin).

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