File Types

Projects - Handbooks
Maintenance System Procedure
Network configuration of NEO systems
Download error log with NEOApp
Typical project configuration using NEOc v0.2.5.4
Connection of PA/VA system SIMAX and LDA
LDA devices rack and connections diagrams
Example of connection diagram for ONE-500
Remote session using AnyDesk
NEO8060 front SD card formatting
Projects - Software
ZES-22 Setup v5.0
License Customer Use
Projects - Tools
Audio Messages for NEO and ONE
Calculator for section cable in NEO systems
Backup batteries calculator
Projects - Engineering Specifications
NEO Architect & Engineer Specifications
ONE Architect & Engineer Specifications
Projects - Other documents
User’s Manual SIME
SIME Calendar Datasheet
SIME Control Datasheet
SIME Evac Datasheet
SIME Modules Datasheet
SIME OCC Datasheet