TTS Module

SIME Module that allows the use of TTS (Text-To-Speech).

The conversion of text into speech or speech synthesis (TTS or Text-to-Speech) is the technology that allows you to convert, automatically, a written text into a natural voice, naturally and with maximum intelligibility. The system provided with this engine can “read aloud” a written text.

Thanks to this module, SIME software can be integrated with the high quality Verbio TTS motor, and the user can write the desired message and it will be converted to voice. This message can be routed to any desired zone.

This text-to-speech module gives the installation a way to communicate with its users in a natural and intelligible way –expressively and dynamically. The integrated voices can be modulated for many applications in large venues such as convention centres and, at the same time, can express feelings –making them very realistic.

The LDA SIME’s TTS module is integrated with the Verbio’s SDK, expert in TTS applications, and can generate dynamic text. Paired with LVSR (Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition) and Natural Language Understanding, you can achieve optimal compression levels.

Main Features
  • TTS function integrated in SIME software.
  • Insert text from SIME GUI interface.
  • Use of SIME interface to select routing zones.
  • Support for several languages, with dropdown menu selection (English and Spanish included).
  • Fully integrated with SIME interface.


TTS engine’s main features

  • High quality male and female voices, based on professional speakers.
  • Dynamic and adaptable tone of voice: selection of the speaker’s original intonation curve that best adapts to each context, overcoming the monotony of static patterns.
  • Rhythms and pauses algorithm, based on the syntax itself and on statistical methods.
Datasheet, manual, certificates and other technical documents
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