Heart of Sharjah



About This Project

The city of Sharjah is one of the capitals of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with a rich cultural and historical legacy. Today it is developing a heritage recovery project known as Heart of Sharjah and to be finished in 2025. The place will reflect what the place was like in 1950 and will opt to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Markets, buildings, archaeological sites, entertainment venues, shops, hotels, restaurants and many other areas will be completely restored to attract more visitors.

The first phase of this project includes the site security, with a surveillance system and a public address and voice evacuation system for the Heart of Sharjah.

The system integrator Oasis Enterprises has been responsible for developing the project. Besides the CCTV system, LDA Audio Tech has provided a complete EN 54 certified PA/VA control system.

Specifically, the installation has a NEO system complemented by a multichannel amplifier and a hundred speakers. LDA technology has the approval of the UAE Civil Defence.

Thanks to the flexibility and the integration capacity of the LDA solutions, the installation is easily expandable and scalable to cover all phases of the project until its completion in 2025.

(Photos: Oasis Enterprises)