How does the LDA VOIP SIP telephony module work?

How does the LDA VOIP SIP telephony module work?

Our public address PC, with the LDA SIME Control software and the VOIP SIP telephony module already installed, works as another SIP telephony extension in the system. It would have a telephone number registered in the VoIP switchboard, for example 111. When the customer calls 111, who “answers” is our software.

The SIP travels along the network to our server, which plays it using the sound card and enters our system (LDA NEO 8060) through one of its 5 analog inputs (audio inputs 1-5).

The user, using the telephone’s numeric keypad (DMTF), can make calls to the public address zones, and the SIME software will tell the NEO system (by data network on its X port) which zones to send the audio.

For example: the above user calls the public address extension by dialing 111:

  • To speak to zone 1: Press 1, #
  • To speak to zone 1 and 2: Press 1, *, 2, #.
  • To speak to all zones: Press 0, #.