Voice Alarm Panel With Keypad VAP1-FES 7Z

Fire control panel and keyboard VAP-1FES 7Z

Fire brigade control panel for emergency microphone in accordance with EN 54-16 for connection to voice alarm control and indicating equipment (VACIE) of the NEO product series.


The article consists of basic unit, emergency microphone (according to EN 54-16), and 7-zone keypad, pre-assembled in a suitable housing.


The sheet steel housing, finished in RAL 3000 (fire red), has a door with a glass window and provides a view of the status LED’s and operating elements below. The door has a locking insert with locking bolt.


Connection to the VACIE via ACSI bus (e.g. installation cable 2x4x0.8mm, CAT6, etc.), simplified connection using Phoenix screw terminals.

Main Features
  • Live fire announcements via the integrated emergency microphone and/or manual activation of stored emergency messages (e.g.: evacuation announcement, alert announcement).
  • Switching off the automatic voice alarm announcement is also possible (automatic off).
  • Status displays/LED’s: unit in operation, fire mode, malfunction VAS, live fire announcement.
  • Individual labeling of the front foils by exchangeable text strips (7-zone keypad).
  • Includes general control unit, emergency microphone, 7-zone keyboard and IP30 red housing.


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