Mixer Amplifier QX-060

SIMAX QX-060 is the perfect solution for small PA installations, as it includes a power amplifier of 60W with a mixer for music sources and microphones as well as a built-in USB/SD card MP3 player and FM radio.


Thanks to its compact and robust design, it can be installed in desktops or in a 19″ rack. It offers protections for ensuring its durability and reliability, such as current limiter, overload protection and over-temperature protection.

Main Features
  • 60W @100V/70V
  • 3 microphone with one line input with XLR and phantom power.
  • 2 line inputs with .” jack connector and RCA jacks.
  • Acceptable wide range (up to 44dB) input level.
  • Priority input through noise gate.
  • Two layer priority for input audio sources.
  • USB MP3 Player,SD Card, FM Tuner.
  • Two bands tone controls.
  • Low distortion and low noise level.
  • Integrated audio source output.
  • Advanced protection system includes current limiting, overcurrent and thermal protection.
  • Desktop and 19-inches rack mountable type.
  • Compact size and light weight.
Datasheet, manual, certificates and other technical documents
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