Bilbao Airport has the highest passenger flow in northern Spain and is ranked among the best airports in Europe. It has a single terminal that handles both domestic and international flights and is divided into four floors. 

Palmerola International Airport in Honduras is a newly built air terminal serving the capital Tegucigalpa and the entire central area of the country. Its public address and voice evacuation systems are provided with state-of-the-art LDA Audio Tech equipment that guarantees passengers’ safety in case of emergency.

Seville airport has undergone its most important reform in the last 30 years with the expansion of its terminal building to reach a capacity of 10 million passengers per year. The works include the installation of EN54-certified public address and voice evacuation systems manufactured by LDA Audio Tech to assist in the daily operations of the airport (calls to boarding, flight announcements, background music, etc.) and also to guarantee the safety of all passengers in case of emergency

As a key strategic location in East Africa, the Kigali International Airport is also known as Kanombe International Airport and it is the main airport in Rwanda, as well as an air gateway for all the country. It also serves as a transit airport for the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This airport has renewed the entire public address and voice alarm system to offer a better service and more safety to the passengers. With this goal, it has installed EN 54 certified systems made by LDA Audio Tech

Seville Airport is one of the main airports in Spain, with more than 6 million passengers per year, 58,000 flight operations and 12,500 tons of cargo. Located 10 kilometers from Seville, it has been operating since 1945 although its facilities underwent a major modernization before the 1992 Universal Exposition. The terminal, designed by the international architect Rafael Moneo, is inspired by Sevillian culture and traditional Andalusian architecture.

Casablanca airport opened new duty-free shops with a wide commercial offer, developed with the international operator Dufry. This company, present in several Moroccan cities, provides world-class one-stop tax and duty-free shopping for travelers worldwide. They offer a wide selection of premium local and global brands from cosmetics and confectionery to fine wine and local food, fragrances, souvenirs and high-end fashion.

The main international airport in Spain is also the largest European airport in area -more than 3,000 ha. During 2016 about 137,000 passengers a day used its facilities, which make up a big total of 50.4 million passengers a year. Madrid-Barajas is the busiest airport of Spain and Europe's sixth. It has five passenger terminals that specially act as a key link between Europe and Latin America.

It's the fourth busiest airport in Spain and the main international airport serving the Costa del Sol area, with 16.7 million passengers a year. Despite being one of the oldest Spanish airports still in its original location, constant innovations and tourism growth makes it one of the most important passenger transport points in South Europe.

Valencia Airport is one of the 10 busiest airports in Spain, with almost 6 million passengers a year. Terminal 1 is the largest one including three floors, 62 check-in counters and 22 boarding gates. LDA Audio Tech solutions chosen for this project include touch control consoles, LDA SIME software to control and monitor installation and an easy integration with previous PA system.

Girona Airport has EN-54 certified public address and voice evacuation systems in its facilities.