Seville Airport Terminal Extension



Über dieses Projekt

Seville airport has undergone its most important reform in the last 30 years with the expansion of its terminal building to reach a capacity of 10 million passengers per year.

The works include the installation of EN54-certified public address and voice evacuation systems manufactured by LDA Audio Tech to assist in the daily operations of the airport (calls to boarding, flight announcements, background music, etc.) and also to guarantee the safety of all passengers in case of emergency (alarm messages for a controlled and phased evacuation).

The project adds NEO Extension equipment to the existing installation to cover the needs of new lines, both 500 W and 250 W, as well as ZES-22 digital audio converters to connect the A-1 microphones of the new boarding gates and the probes that have been enlarged.

The extension has been designed at both ends of the terminal: the southern part will be used for national and international passengers from the Schengen area, while the northern area will remain for the rest of the international flights.

The project covers 2 floors with open spaces and large windows overlooking the airfield. In fact, it involves an architectural redesign towards a venue with higher ceilings and huge spaces that improve the experience of travellers, with new commercial and restaurant areas, work and rest areas, and passenger lounges.

It also includes a new arrivals hall and new baggage claim areas. These changes will improve the boarding and disembarking processes, which allows passengers in transit to catch their connecting flights without having to go through the security control again.

All these areas are covered by LDA Audio Tech’s NEO public address and voice evacuation systems managed by SIME Control software to ensure that each message reaches the desired area at the right time, clearly and without interruptions.

In addition to the central units, the installation is provided with complementary equipment: audio converters, microphones and paging stations, end-of-line devices and, of course, EN 54-24 certified column, ceiling and surface loudspeakers to guarantee maximum intelligibility.

This AENA project also includes extending the runways and renovating the airport’s power plant. When totally done, it will increase the area of the airport by 42%, adding 6 new boarding gates and preparing the infrastructure for future expansions.