Bilbao Airport



Über dieses Projekt

Bilbao Airport has the highest passenger flow in northern Spain and is ranked among the best airports in Europe. It has a single terminal that handles both domestic and international flights and is divided into four floors. 

The LDA systems are located in different rooms equipped with two racks, one with NEO-8060 and NEO Extensions and other with several NEO Extensions.

The operations room has a VAP-1 voice alarm panel and an MPS-8Z microphone connected to the MIC/REMOTE input of the NEO-8060.

In addition, each boarding gate is equipped with a ZES22 analog-digital converter, an A-1 microphone, and a CAG probe. These systems are perfectly integrated with the airport’s own systems and technology.

Evacuation and alerts are launched from the VAP-1 in the operations room, and the public address system is managed by LDA SIME Control proprietary software to ensure a fast and efficient response.