Palmerola International Airport

  • Palmerola Airport - LDA References
  • Palmerola Airport - LDA References


Über dieses Projekt

Palmerola International Airport in Honduras is a newly built air terminal serving the capital Tegucigalpa and the entire central area of the country.

Its public address and voice evacuation systems are provided with state-of-the-art LDA Audio Tech equipment that guarantees passengers’ safety in case of emergency.

The airport opened in December 2021 after more than 6 years of work and $200 million of investment. It is a 40,000 sqm facility that takes over the international operations of the old Tocontín airport in Tegucigalpa.

The project has brought several challenges to the LDA Audio Tech team, which has been intensively monitoring the commissioning to ensure that all systems and configurations were working flawlessly as the opening date approached.

Previous acoustic studies in the consultancy phase provided the key to understanding the acoustic scope of the project and were complemented by all the prescriptive work carried out by LDA’s commercial department together with the installer.

The system equipment includes the following hardware:

As for the software, the SIME Control and SIME Calendar suites have been installed and configured at the airport, with the CAG modules for automatic gain control and SIP for IP telephony.

Palmerola has 7 flight gates, 40 baggage counters, as many for immigration and emigration operations, as well as staff offices.

Regarding the technology, in addition to X-ray and scanning equipment, half a thousand surveillance and thermographic cameras have been installed for temperature control. The terminal also has automatic check-in terminals and automatic baggage handling systems (BHS).

Palmerola is the second airport in the world to receive face-to-face the Airports Council International’s biosecurity certification for its strict protocols for the health and safety of its passengers.

(Images: CFLORES1706, Titsor8976 / CC0 BY-SA 4.0)