Oasiz Madrid Shopping Center

  • Oasiz Resort LDA References
  • Oasiz Resort LDA References
  • Oasiz Resort LDA References
  • Oasiz Resort LDA References


Über dieses Projekt

Oasiz Madrid is the largest shopping center in Spain, a commercial resort of 250,000 square meters in the open air, of which 85,000 are occupied by shops and restaurants. It even has two artificial lakes that offer a beach area in the heart of Madrid.

This huge leisure venue has an EN54 certified public address and voice evacuation system manufactured by LDA Audio Tech. The installation can guarantee the safety of all users in the event of an emergency, wherever in the center. In Spain, the Technical Building Code establishes the obligation to have EN54 certified systems in public venues with an occupation of more than 500 people.

The Oasiz Madrid system is configured with NEO 8060 equipment, a compact all-in-one system with advanced features to adapt to large projects with different audio and evacuation zones. To reach all areas of the resort, the central unit is complemented by:

It is a distributed system that includes integrated class D amplifiers, audio matrix, event scheduler, and IP audio over Ethernet. This allows it to be easily integrated with other devices such as IP telephony, digital signage, AV intercom, etc.

Together with this system, more than 700 own-manufactured and EN 54-24 certified LDA loudspeakers have been installed:

As a complement, Bose speakers have also been installed for background music powered by 100V LDA amplifiers.

The entire installation thus functions with total robustness as a complete public address, background music and voice evacuation system, which allows audio and prerecorded messages, music and voice alarm notifications to be broadcast simultaneously in different areas of the resort.

Thanks to this, a fast phased evacuation can be carried out in an emergency.

In addition, 100% coverage is guaranteed throughout the venue, both in closed and open areas, with maximum intelligibility in any circumstance.

Ipsum Seguridad has been the company in charge of the simultaneous integration of all the security systems at Oasiz Madrid, including CCTV, intrusion, intercom and access control.