Nicosia Municipal Theatre

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Über dieses Projekt

Cyprus’ main city has already one of its most emblematic historical buildings completely restored, the Municipal Theater of Nicosia located on Mouseiou Street in the capital. And it reopens with EN-54 LDA Audio Tech systems in the new installation.

Since 1967 when it first opened, this theater has been the cornerstone in the performing arts of the country, including the 1972 premiere of the Aeschylus’ “Agamemnon” by the Cyprus Theatre Organisation’s (THOC).

However, the building suffered a collapse in 2008 and since then it had been faded into oblivion until its recent restoration, which has included the installation of a modern public address, BGM and voice alarm system with technology 100% made in Spain, the EN 54 certified solutions by LDA Audio Tech.

NEO, with its plug-and-play philosophy and compact all-in-one design, brings the reliability of a cutting-edge technology for advanced audio and safety functions in phased evacuation. Supplemented by accessories such as digital paging stations, multisource players and EN 54-24 certified anti-vandal projectors, the public address and voice evacuation system at Nicosia Municipal Theatre has now the latest technology in audio and fire safety.

With a capacity of 1,000 people, it has become the largest theatre in Cyprus and from now on it will host both theatrical and musical events thanks to its orchestra pit. Accessibility has also been improved for people with reduced mobility and, although some construction elements have been eliminated, others have been maintained and improved for greater functionality and beauty.

The renovation of the lighting, sound, music & announcement, intercom, CCTV and stage engineering systems has been carried out by local installer V Hypersound & Light Ltd., who has worked on this project with LDA Audio Tech and other partners such as CHAUVET Professional, Renkus-Heinz, ARX, Chemtrol Stage, Ashly Audio, Inc. and Clockaudio.


(Image #1: Romeparis / CC0 BY-SA 3.0)