Clemenceau Medical Center



Über dieses Projekt

This health center is located in a 16-story state-of-the-art building at King Fah Road in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The center will have 180 beds and 62 consultation units and will provide acute care treatment and intermediate care in five-star facilities with home care and follow-up.

The Clemenceau Medical Center in Riyadh will have a wide-spectrum of medical and surgical specialties combined with advanced screening and diagnostic services.

For this project, LDA Audio Tech will provide a high-performance EN 54 certified public address and voice alarm system, consistent with the excellence of the building. A centralized solution with NEO will be installed, supported by NEO-8250 extensions, AT series attenuators, ceiling speakers CH-42T and anti-vandal cylindrical sound projectors PCM-20T.