Meliá Durres Albania Hotel

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Über dieses Projekt

The Meliá Durres Albania hotel is located on the Albanian Mediterranean coast and is designed as a premium resort for leisure and relaxation by the sea.

When the Meliá chain launched this new project, safety systems were one of its priorities, especially fire protection.

LDA Audio Tech was the chosen manufacturer for its EN 54 public address and voice evacuation systems, which were installed by local partner Albaelettrica in a challenging project that required great technical skill and was brilliantly executed.

The installation has three NEO main control units accompanied by up to 5 NEO-8250 extensions. To configure and manage all public address zones, SIME proprietary software has been installed, which also controls the whole deployment of accessories such as microphones or audio players.

In addition, the building has been equipped with more than 1,200 CH-32TN and CH-42TN ceiling loudspeakers, 3″ and 6″ respectively. These models incorporate fire protection dome, ceramic terminal and isolation fuse to maintain the integrity and intelligibility of the system in case of evacuation.

The Meliá Durres Albania has 470 modern-style rooms and suites with avant-garde touches and an architecture based on a central patio, very spacious common areas and the prominence of natural light in the style of Mediterranean palaces.

The hotel has direct access to the beach and has spacious garden areas and a large infinity pool, as well as other complementary pools, a spa area, sports courts and several gastronomic areas.