Lindian Village Beach Resort

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Über dieses Projekt

The Lindian Village Beach Resort on the Greek island of Rhodes is equipped with a public address and voice evacuation system made by LDA Audio Tech.

This five-star Hilton complex offers all the services of a luxury resort: gourmet restaurants, swimming pools, spa and wellness facilities and outdoor activities. It is a building of Mediterranean architecture, an open space with numerous gardens.

The project, carried out by installer Philippos Nakas, includes a decentralized system located in 8 buildings that communicate through a fiber optic loop.

In the central room it has a NEO-8060 system as the main controller, equipped with TFL-2 line terminators and an MPS-8Z paging microphone with several MPS-8K keyboard extensions to assign to the different areas of the installation. In the other locations, NEO Extension 4250 units and EOL devices have been installed, as well as ZES-22 converters for background music distribution.

The LDA Audio Tech system has proven reliable and useful in real emergency situations caused by forest fires on the island of Rhodes. On these occasions it has been used for a fast, safe and controlled evacuation of the resort, avoiding risks for hotel guests and employees.