Al Faisaliah Mall



Über dieses Projekt

Riyadh is the capital and the largest city of Saudi Arabia, an attractive tourist and business destination that has become the most important economic center in the Middle East.

Al Faisaliah Mall was built in 2000 and introduced a new concept of high-level shopping in the area. Its seamless and oval-shaped design is home to some of the leading luxury brands in fashion, gourmet and leisure.

Nowadays, the mall is the hub of a consolidated commercial district that includes the Al Faisaliah Tower and hotels, as an iconic place for both residents and tourists.

LDA Audio Tech, with its innovative technology made in Spain, was chosen to renew the public address and voice evacuation system and adapt it to the requirements of the international standard EN54.

LDA has installed a NEO solution with a central unit NEO-8060 and NEO-8250 extensions, supported by high-sensitivity CH-42T ceiling speakers and SC-95T two-way speakers.

This ensures the safety of all users of the shopping center and its stores, thanks to the possibility of establishing a phased evacuation plan through personalized messages that will save lives in case of emergency situations.