Faneque Tunnels

  • Faneque Tunnels - LDA References
  • Faneque Tunnels - LDA References
  • Faneque Tunnels - LDA References


Über dieses Projekt

The Faneque tunnels connect a 2.1-kilometer stretch between the areas of El Risco and Agaete in Gran Canaria (Spain) and are part of a major road infrastructure that connects different population centers along the GC-200 highway.

Inaugurated in February 2024, this passage will improve travel in the northwest area of the island, as it allows a route that used to take more than 20 minutes on secondary roads with curves and danger of landslides to be traveled in 6 minutes.

The tunnels are equipped with EN 54 certified public address and voice evacuation systems manufactured by LDA Audio Tech. Specifically, a NEO-8060 control unit with two NEO-8250E extensions has been installed.

For the tunnel’s sound system, 180 PS-30TN loudspeakers, exponential horn type, have been used, which, thanks to their high sound pressure level, ensure excellent intelligibility levels.

The LDA systems have been natively integrated with SCADA for management and monitoring. In this way, the tunnels are perfectly equipped to handle any type of emergency that requires a controlled and safe evacuation.

The project has been carried out with the distributor Casmar and the installer/integrator COMSA Industrial.