El Corte Inglés Logistics Hub (CAD)

CAD El Corte Inglés LDA Audio Tech


Über dieses Projekt

El Corte Inglés, one of the most important department store chain in the world, has a large logistics hub (CAD) in Valdemoro, Spain, with 500,000 square meters entirely dedicated to handling the products that are sold in every shopping centre.

The hub has 15 warehouses with 3,000 workers and more than 15 million products stored. A thousand trucks come in and out of this platform every day to supply the Spanish commercial network.

In this project, each warehouse autonomously manages its power supply, fuel and safety devices, although all systems must be centrally coordinated using the latest technologies.

Regarding the security, the El Corte Inglés CAD is equipped with LDA Audio Tech’s public address and voice alarm systems which guarantee fast and efficient phase-driven evacuation in emergency situations and allow great flexibility and integration options with third-party systems.

(Image: Oconowocc / CC BY 3.0)