Heineken Factory in Madrid

Heineken factory - LDA References


Über dieses Projekt

The Heineken factory in Madrid boasts state-of-the-art EN-54 certified public address and voice evacuation systems manufactured by LDA Audio Tech.

Responsible for a remarkable 45% of Spain’s Heineken beer production, this factory is equipped with a NEO-8060 controller and multiple NEO Extensions, all efficiently connected in a star-network configuration.  

The factory relies on the SIME Control software suite, which is hosted on a dedicated server. This proprietary software facilitates the circulation of pre-recorded messages and piped music sources. It also has an A-1 dynamic routing microphone that can be managed from the SIME web client.  

The system has two emergency stop buttons that are seamlessly integrated with NEO events via the NEO-8060’s GPIOS. Additionally, a series of 24 V outputs are strategically placed to activate strobes, triggered through NEO events, ensuring immediate action when the system enters voice evacuation (VA) mode.

The project has been developed with the installer Solutec and the distributor Casmar.